About Us


Tenants Union of Brattleboro (TUB) is a member-run, anti-capitalist, democratic collective organizing the tenant class throughout Brattleboro and its outlying towns. Through education, direct action, and coalition building, we are working to dismantle the current tenant-landlord paradigm and place power back into the hands of the tenants.

We believe change is only effectively enacted through the people who need it most.
Join us in our fight for safe, secure, and dignified housing for all.

Points of Unity

please see our Points of Unity page for more detail

  1. Housing is a human right, not a privilege or a commodity

  2. Housing is an intersectional issue

  3. The relationship between tenants and landlords is fundamentally inequitable

  4. We are an organization of and for the workoing class

  5. We believe in a diversity of tactics

  6. Abolish the police