Get in the TUB!

Become a Member or Ally

The simplest and single most effective thing you can do is to become a member of the TUB. Any tenant is eligible to join! Member levels of participation are entirely voluntary and entirely appreciated.

Homeowners cannot be members- they may be allies, but will not be invited to attend meetings. Members and allies will receive regular email updates on events.

Please note, we do not accept landlords as members or allies, and home owners cannot be members. If you have a relationship with a landlord (direct family member, employer, etc.) that may be a conflict of interest, this might effect your membership eligibility. We ask that if you do have a relationship with a landlord that you are honest so that we may evaluate if it could harm the group's integrity.

Email and let us know about your housing situation.


Already a member or an ally and want to take it to the next level? We have an unending need for volunteers in all capacities. From organizing campaigns to talking to legal aid, handing out fliers, writing letters, lending a printer or showing up to support a tenant in need, there is no shortage of need to support Brattleboro and the surrounding area's tenant class!

Sign up below to let us know you would like to volunteer. You may also be sent volunteer specific emails.

We take privacy extremely seriously, and we will never release any member information outside of TUB. We do our best to screen folks before inviting them into meetings or group messages, but please alert us if you suspect a landlord among us!