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Upcoming Event: (Virtual) Tenant Town Hall!
Thursday, October 29th @ 6:30PM

We want to hear from you! Join us to discuss the challenges we’ve all faced as tenants before and during COVID-19, and to collectively decide where we should focus our organizing and actions in the upcoming weeks and months. TUB will offer a brief introduction to the union and how you can get involved, as well as a short update on what we’ve been working on lately. The majority of the town hall time will be devoted to hearing tenant opinions and deciding on our next actions.

This meeting will be held via Zoom by pre-registration only. Click here to register for the meeting ID and password, as well as a toll-free call-in number.

Landlords and property managers are not welcome at this meeting for concerns of tenant safety and confidentiality. Homeowners are welcome as allies without voting rights. TUB defines ‘tenant’ as anyone who does not have control over their housing; this includes renters, migrant workers, work/trade tenants, live-in aids/childcare providers, permanent housesitters, etc.

by Patrick Kavanaugh
October 5, 2020

Typical of the rhetorical style I like to call “politician-speak” I found that Tim Wessel used many words to say, essentially, that things should just stay how they are. Mr. Wessel’s first two points were framed as a non-point, to ... (Read full article here)

by Barry Willis and Earl Kaplan
October 3, 2020

Over the past few weeks, we have seen many landlords taking a stance against TUB's proposal to limit tenant move-in costs to a maximum of two month’s rent (first month plus security deposit). In a housing shortage that’s only getting worse and ... (Read full article here)

September 30, 2020

Brandie Starr of the Brattleboro selectboard recently wrote an article titled, “Be part of the movement towards a sustainable Brattleboro” in which she directly addresses community members and, more specifically, landlords ... (Read full article here)

I have had to borrow money to pay for security deposit/move-in costs for 3 out of 5 homes I’ve rented... In my experience renting units where last month’s rent was not an upfront cost, I nor any of my roommates have ever considered not paying our last month’s rent. Why? Because we rely on the references of our previous landlords to rent a new place. Landlords not only have the power to terminate our present tenancy, but also can make our future housing access extremely difficult. (Read full article here)