Landlord Data Project

With TUB's Landlord Search Tool, find out how many units your landlord collects rent from and other information about their properties.

Tell us about your Landlord or a unit you've lived in! Is the unit safe and up to code? Does this Landlord respect your privacy and space?

Why? While prospective tenants are forced to provide details of their housing history, financial information, and personal information, landlords are not required to disclose their histories owning and renting our homes - We deserve to know if they've caused trouble for their tenants, neglected needed repairs, come by unannounced, or otherwise violated a tenants rights!

By compiling public land records as well as collecting information and stories directly from tenants in Brattleboro, we aim to make information about landlords and their rental units more accessible so that tenants can more easily connect and hold their landlords accountable together!

the biggest landlords in brattleboro

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Do you rent from one of the biggest landlords in Brattleboro? Use our Landlord Search Tool to find out how many other properties your Landlord is collecting rent from!

Connect with the tenants who also rent from your Landlord. United tenants have the power to hold landlords accountable and make demands for the changes we need!