TUB members will be notified of meetings via email - make sure you're on our email list so you can stay updated! Only members will be invited to attend meetings.

Please note, we do not accept landlords as members or allies and home owners cannot be members. See our main "Join TUB" page for more information on who can be a member & how to join, or how to support TUB if you are a homeowner.

Suggested Meeting Roles

Facilitator: reads through the agenda at the beginning of the meeting and facilitates the movement of the meeting through the agenda.

Moderator: makes sure everyone’s voice is heard and no one is taking up too much space; periodically interjects to ask if anyone who hasn’t spoken yet would like to. At larger meetings, the moderator also keeps a running list of people who raise their hands and wish to speak, and calls on them in order. It is strongly suggested that marginalized voices and people who have not yet spoken are put on the list ahead of those who already have.

Note Taker: takes notes of what is discussed at the meeting, including to-do / action items. Note Taker should do a privacy check-in with everyone present at each meeting to set boundaries for what kind of information is recorded in notes (ie. redacting names and peoples' private information, etc). The Note Taker shares these notes with all TUB members after each meeting. Notes must only be shared with TUB members (our meeting information is never to be shared with Landlords!!)

Time Keeper: keeps an eye on the time; interjects when a section or the meeting as a whole is about to go over-time, and asks if members want to continue or end and move on to the next agenda item.

We take privacy extremely seriously, and we will never release any member information outside of TUB. We do our best to screen folks before inviting them into meetings or group messages, but please alert us if you suspect a landlord among us!