We're working on finding out what problems people commonly experience as renters in the greater Brattleboro area, but for now, here are a few answers to some questions we expect that people might have:

What do I do if I don't think my landlord will return my security deposit?

Your Landlord is required to return your deposit to you 14 days after you officially move out with an itemized summary of any deductions that they have made. If you do not recieve both of these in the allotted time, your landlord must return your full deposit. Unfair deductions and willful disregard can be contested in small claims court.

What expenses can my landlord take out of my deposit?

Your landlord can only deduct from your security deposit:

  • Nonpayment of rent

  • Damage to the property (not including normal wear and tear)

  • Other fees that the tenant was supposed to pay and did not

  • Expenses for trash removal after moving out

How do I terminate my lease if I'm living with an abuser?

Vermont Law states that you have the right to terminate your rental agreement without penalty if you have reasonable belief that it is necessary to leave the unit due to imminent harm and/or past abuse has happened on the property within the past 6 months. You do not have to file a police report or go through a government agency or any professional to certify your situation/claim. For more on this process go to https://vtlawhelp.org/housing-protections-victims